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Maize Rose Had Her Puppies

Maize Rose, as Dainty + Sweet as she could, perfectly delivered 8 beautiful puppies on Thursday, January 18, her actual due date !

Maize Rose is such a good mama! And we have all already had our first vet visit! and of course they are each PERFECT!

7 Dashing Boys + 1 Darling Girl!

We have 5 available family spots remaining for this litter and our Puppy Pick out date is coming very soon! SO if you have been debating about adding a furry member to your family, this is the perfect time! Our puppy pick out date is Saturday, February 17! This is such a fun day, where families can meet and pick out their sweet one! Of course it comes right at the perfect time since it is Valentine’s Day weekend and there is no-one easier to love than a goldendoodle!

What is Puppy Pick Out Day? One of the BEST Days Ever! Each family comes to our home during their specific time and they get to meet an+ snuggle + cuddle all the puppies and decide which one is to be theirs! This time is exclusive for each family to have 45 minutes of time with the puppies. You also get your doodle goody bag this day too!

Since our Puppy Pick Out Date is February 17, be sure to contact us ASAP + fill out an application so you can reserve your spot in line to pick out your sweet one!

Here are her details below:

Mama/Dame: Maize Rose (F1B Goldendoodle // Apricot // 34lbs)(This is our mama Sugar + Mojo’s daughter)
Daddy/Stud: Bennie (Multigenerational Goldendoodle // Red // 30lbs)
Birthdate: January 18, 2024. 
Estimated Weight Range: 25-40lbs (We are just adding a 5lb buffer to mom and dads weights- these two have never had pups together, so we are only giving an estimated weight)
Puppy Pick Out Day: February 17. 
Going home date at 7/8-weeks: March 9.
Total Puppy Price: $1600 (And your deposit goes towards this total!)

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Doodles give the BEST Doggy Kisses, come to Puppy Pick Out Day, we can’t wait for you to see this too!

A Boy and His Dog Doodles Family

Each of these darling puppies will make a wonderful companion, a faithful sidekick or a beloved family dog! Maybe you are their forever family? Or maybe its someone you know? Share our page with a friend or email us if you’d like to meet one of these sweet goldendoodle puppies!

Much Love~

The Ziemann Family + all the wonderful puppy breath of 8 adorable doodles!

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