Featured Labradoodles New Litter

The Puppies’ 1st Outing!

Today our sweet labradoodle puppies are 12 days old! I cannot believe how fast they are growing and changing! Cookie and her puppies took their 1st outing last week to our veterinary office to have a routine wellness check.  Everyone at the office LOVED the puppies of course!  They checked the weight of each  and listened to their belly and hearts. Everyone had a great report and or 3 superheroes were invited to be veterinary assistants and they did a great job!



Having puppies definitely puts new meaning to the words “doggy pile”!


The puppies favorite pastimes are  nursing + sleeping and occasional, gentle snuggles from our family. They are so precious!  We’ll be able to describe each one’s look and personality a whole lot more around week four – so stay tuned!



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