About Us

There is something special about the friendship of a child and their dog. A first best friend, a forever confidant, a devoted playmate and so much more!

Growing up, I always had a dog and my husband always loved dogs! Then as soon as our first child was able to say the word ‘doggy’, he was wanting one. We have since had two more superheroes and we were all just waiting for the right time to add a sweet puppy to the bunch! We believe that adding a dog to our family would only bring more love, adventure, and memories to our children’s lives!

Right after our youngest superhero was born, we began to try and picture what type of dog would best fit our family! Both my best friend and her mom have cared for and bred doodles in their home for years and during this journey, they shared with us about Goldendoodles and Labradoodles and we fell in LOVE! Both breeds are smart, loyal, affectionate, have a mild temperament, are low shedding, commonly hypoallergenic, and absolutely ADORABLE!

We soon decided that our three superheroes needed two doodle sidekicks and so we welcomed two doodles into our family and home in Wilmington, North Carolina. Because they are such wonderful dogs, we decided to share our love with others, thus, A Boy and His Dog ~ Doodles began!
For the past few years our youngest has asked for a dog of his “own”, as it seems that Cookie is very much our oldest son’s dog and Sugar, although she mothers everyone, caters most to our middle son. So we decided in 2022 to start looking for another furry doodle addition to make out family complete!

So Maple was added to our sweet doodle bunch! Maple loves and adores our youngest, and she is his best friend, they are kindred spirits.

And now we truly are ” a boy and his dog ~ doodles” as each boy has a dog of his own!

Our superheroes have continued to grow and….well, they are still our 3 superheroes! 
Breeding and raising doodles has become a normal part our family life and truly a time that each of them look forward to and cherish!

We truly do love our doodles and all the joy that they bring to our family. And that is our desire for you and your family – to experience the joys and companionship that come along with this wonderful breed.

  • Honest & trustworthy business practices
  • Healthy and well-cared for momma dogs + babies
  • Vet-checked puppies + records + helpful information sheets
  • Puppy’s first set of shots + de-wormings
  • 2-year genetic health guarantee
  • A special “puppy package” including starter supplies for your puppy + a transitional blanket that smells like momma as well as a few other goodies to take home!
  • And best of all – a happy + healthy + adorable new family member to love!

Some pictures of our Superheroes and their Sidekicks when they were puppies!

…And some more as our superheroes + doodles have grown + our newest doodle member!

Meet Our Dogs

Two of our girls, after being wonderful mamas, are now retired, but we as a family still love sharing the happiness that adding a furry friend to families brings. We found a few wonderful families for a few of Sugar’s puppies that we have asked to be guardian homes for our guardian mamas! This desire has been in our hearts for a few years now, and some of these mamas have now had puppies of their own! Yes, that means that our sweet Sugar has grandpups! Also…very soon, our very own Maple will become a mama too!

Our Momma Dogs

Maize Rose

We are so lucky that we get to see Maize Rose often because she lives right down the road from us! She is , of course, one of Sugar’s puppies, and her daddy is Mojo! She lives with her mom and dad who adore her and is visited often by one of their granddaughters who lives close by. She is just a doll, she has been trained very well, is very obedient, and so gentle. she gets along with all humans and other furry friends. Her absolute favorite thing is to give KISSES! We are so thrilled to have the privilege of breeding her and being apart of her life.

  • Breed: F1B Goldendoodle
  • Weight: 34 lbs
  • Color: Apricot


Farrah is a dainty, delicate and darling guardian mama who lives with a wonderful family in Leland, North Carolina. She is one of Sugar’s puppies, her mama is our sweet Sugar, and her daddy is Mojo! She is the best cuddler and is very loved by her Mom and Dad, 3 human siblings and 1 doodle sibling! She has had one very small but healthy litter of just 2 pups! Belly rubs are her favorite pastime.

  • Breed: F1B Goldendoodle
          • Weight: 33 lbs.
          • Color: Dark Apricot, almost Carmel.


She is one of Sugar’s puppies,her mama is our sweet Sugar, and her daddy is Mojo! She lives with one of my best friends and her 4 wonderful children. Tesla is very loved and her main caretaker is my friend’s 15 year old daughter who LOVES ALL ANIMALS! Animal Lover has dedicated herself to making sure she is Tesla’s favorite, and she is most excited about her baby, Tesla, having puppies. Animal Lover is planning on being with us for some of the time that the puppies are in our home. She is hoping to work in a Veterinarian office one day or to do some kind of work with animals.

  • Breed: F1B Goldendoodle
  • Weight: 37 lbs
  • Color: Dark Apricot, almost Carmel.

Cookie – Retired

Cookie is our social butterfly and loves to be wherever we are. She is both spunky + sweet with an affectionate personality. She is always at the heels of our boys wherever they are-playing or eating- she absolutely loves being in the mix and never minds picking up the crumbs they drop! She loves giving handshakes and high-fives and dancing. Cookie produces a variety of colors as her mother is a Yellow Lab and her father is a Red and White Parti Poodle! Her puppies are gorgeous!

  • Breed: F1 Standard Labradoodle
          • Weight: 60 lbs.
          • Color: Red with White Chest Patch

Sugar – Retired

Sugar is our petite + fun-loving “girly dog” who is always happy from sun-up to sun-down, come rain or shine. Her personality is unforgettable, charming every delivery man who comes to our door. She has such a laid back and mellow spirit about her, especially when our two-year-old son plays race track with his cars on her. She loves playing fetch and never tires of the boys affection toward her, a true princess! She is a mama dog in the truest sense, mothering our other doodles and our 3 superheroes with such care!

  • Breed: F1 Small Standard Goldendoodle
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Color: Apricot

Our Daddy Dogs


We would like you to meet Charlie! Charlie is the stud we have chosen for Tesla and for our own newest mama, Maple. He is an AKC, red, moyen size poodle. He has such a fun personality and is just the cutest. Charlie is around 25 pounds. He lives with a wonderful family, who is also a breeder, and lives about a half hour from Asheboro, North Carolina. They also have 3 boys like us! He is gorgeous and much more red in person than this picture shows.

  • Breed: Moyen Poodle
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Color: Red
Bennie (Benedict)
Bennie is a stunning red + white parti goldendoodle with wavy hair, He is a sweetheart and has an beautiful temperament. He loves to cuddle but is also fine to have his own space. He is friendly to everyone he meets. He is the stud for our sweet Maize Rose.

          • Breed: Multi-generational Goldendoodle.
          • Weight: 30 lbs
          • Color: Red + White Parti


Kobe is the sweetest little boy! He is so happy all the time and loves all people and furry friends. He is a multigenerational goldendoodle with geentically wavy hair. He is from a lovely breeder in Greensboro, North Carolina. He is the daddy for Farrah’s pups.

  • Breed: Multigenerational Goldendoodle
  • Weight: 24 lbs
  • Color: Apricot


Cosmo is the handsome male stud that we have chosen to breed with Cookie. Since Cookie is retired, we are no longer using Cosmo as a stud. He lives just north of us in the Jacksonville, North Carolina area with his wonderful family where he is the king of the castle! He is very sweet and Cookie and he became inseparable friends when she came to visit him. He also is very good with children and joyfully played as our 3 Superheroes ran around the yard with him.

          • Breed: Standard Poodle
          • Weight: 62 lbs
          • Color: White


Mojo is true to his name, he is the charming, male stud that we have bred Sugar with.  He & Cosmo are actually “brothers” (not by blood, but by ownership) &  live with a wonderful family just north of us. Mojo is a fabulous swimmer and has no fear of the water! He is high energy but is quick to slow down if he gets the chance to snuggle with momma! He is very friendly with people and dogs alike and loves strangers too!

  • Breed: Moyen Poodle
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Color: Red