What types of doodles do you offer?

We currently offer…

  • F1B Small/Medium Goldendoodles ( 75% Poodle + 25% Golden Retriever)
    • Estimated size is 25-40lb. (Based on past puppies’ sizes).
  • Multigenerational Goldendoodles (F1B Goldendoodle + Multigen. Goldendoodle )
    • Estimated size is 30-45lb. (Based on past puppies’ sizes).
  • (We have previously also bred, F1BB Goldendoodles and  Labradoodles, but a few of our sweet mama dogs have retired.)




What is included in this price?

Every puppy is born and raised in the very heart of our home amid our everyday family life! Every puppy is loved and cuddled daily until they go into your home! Every precious puppy becomes a special part of our family before they find their forever family with you! 

Every puppy also goes home with…

  • Puppy’s first set of vaccinations + regular de-wormings.
  • 2 Veterinarian check-ups with our family Vet + puppy health/Vet records and file.
  • 2-year genetic health guarantee.
  • Early Neurological Stimulation implementation starting at 4 days old.
  • Weekly emails with pictures and updates- including lots of information about what your new puppy needs, recommendations, and helpful training tips!
  • And a special puppy pack including a soft, transitional blanket that smells like momma, a starter bag of puppy food, poop bags + potty pads, some chew toys + training treats!


What is your puppy application/selection process?

Here are the steps to take if interested in adopting one of our puppies:

1. Complete + submit a puppy application (We would like to get to know you just like you got to know us by visiting our website!)

2. Sign up for our email newsletter + waitlist found on the home page of our website! (This is a very important step as our email newsletter is where we send out ALL initial communication concerning current/future litters.)

3. Once a momma’s pregnancy is confirmed, we’ll send out an email to those on our email waitlist to announce the exciting news and to see who is interested in the upcoming litter! (We go by email response and date of application in order to create our puppy “Pick of Litter” list.)

4. Once you and I have chatted and confirmed that you are on the list for the upcoming/current litter, we’ll send a confirmation email and your puppy deposit (via check or money order) is due at this time to reserve your spot in line.

5. When puppies are 4/5-weeks-old, you get to pick out your special puppy and meet us and our momma dog as you come to our home on the assigned date/time! *an additional payment is due this visit to reserve and hold your pick of the litter.

6. At around 7-8 weeks old, your puppy will get to go home with you! This day is memorable for everyone! The remaining *total is due this day.

Are deposits refundable?

Unfortunately, they are not. The purpose of a deposit establishes my commitment to you that I’ll hold a special puppy for you and also confirms your promise to me in that you’re committing to adopt one of our puppies.


When is your next litter of puppies?

The best and most convenient way to find out about our upcoming litters is to sign up for our email newsletter and fill out an application. This serves as both a detailed announcement (that you won’t find anywhere else) with the exciting news! Signing up for our newsletter, along with submitting an application, also serves as our a wait list  and gives us an opportunity to see who all is interested in the upcoming litter! * Be sure to add our email address (aboyandhisdogdoodle@gmail.com) to your contacts so our newsletter doesn’t get lost in your spam.


Why can’t I just send in my deposit and get on the wait-list now?

We are a family breeder and base our decision of breeding our momma dog on the health of our momma dog at the time of her heat as well as the circumstances of our family. Since we cannot commit to a specific date of a specific litter until we have actually bred our momma dog, we do not take deposits or create a “waitlist” until we have confirmed the pregnancy of our momma. At that time we send out an email to our “email newsletter list” to see who is interested and ready to commit to a puppy.  We want to make sure it is a good time for your family, and we understand that circumstances in life can change. This gives families 2-3 months to “plan” for their new puppy. We go by email response and date of application in order to create our puppy “Pick of Litter” list. It is after you receive confirmation that you are one of the families for the specified litter that we will receive your deposit in order to keep your spot for the pick of the specified litter.


Can we visit your home or mama dogs before committing to a puppy?

For families who are in the “interest” stage we do not offer visits to our home or to just meet our mom dogs. We do love for committed families to meet mamas on the day that they come and pick out their puppy. However, because we are a family breeder, and the busyness of our own home, as well as the health of our dogs and any current litters that we have, we do not allow visits to our home for those families who are not committed to a specific litter.

Can we come and visit our puppy?

Absolutely! We think it’s so important to come and meet your sweet puppy once (and it’s momma!) before final pick up day! With that being said, we are a busy young family so visiting days are pre-selected but we’ll try to arrange a time that works well for everyone!


When can we bring our puppy home?

When puppies are just around 7-8 weeks old, they go to their forever homes! We have found this to be the best time for the puppies as they are very ready to bond with their new families! This date is set according the the date of birth for the litter.

Where are you located?

We are thankful to call Wilmington, North Carolina our home.


We live at a distance. Do you ship your puppies?

Unfortunately, we do not. In seeking to uphold the welfare of our puppies first and foremost, we have chosen to opt out of shipping our puppies. Although, we do passionately believe that the Coastal Carolina’s is a wonderful place to visit (especially during the spring through the fall) and you’re more than welcome to come to us, pick up your puppy, and make a fun vacation out of it! Traveling with your family as a carry-on is way less traumatic than being transported as cargo for any precious puppy.

Where can I see more pictures of your past puppies?

You can find all sorts of cuteness on our Instagram + Facebook accounts as well as right here on our site!