Happy Families (Past Litters)

We love hearing from our puppy family’s and love to see how much our sweet doodles are enjoying life! Here are a few pictures to share of  some of the puppies of our previous litters!


Ms. Penny Lane – F1B Labradoodle (Cookie and Cosmo)


“We are so in love with Ms. Penny Lane! She has such a sweet personality that is quite mischievous at times. She is a great companion who loves being outside, enjoys a good snuggle, and gets ecstatic for doggy daycare at Wilmington Animal Hospital!! She receives compliments wherever we go for her good behavior and beautiful color. Thank you Ziemann family for our first child:)”.

Sasha – F1B Labradoodle (Cookie and Cosmo)


“As you can see Sasha and Sophie (our Goldendoodle) are best friends!”.

Sammy – F1B Labradoodle (Cookie and Cosmo)


“We love our Sammy boy he is full of energy and our daughters best pal! When we take him out everyone comments on how friendly and big he is for his age”.

Poppy – F1B Labradoodle (Cookie and Cosmo)


Poppy has been a great addition to our family and is so sweet and lovable. She has been great for the kids who are so happy to finally have a dog!“.

Ryder – F1B Labradoodle (Cookie and Cosmo)

He is so sweet and smart! We are having a great time and the kids love him. He is really a blessing and great addition to the family!“.

Charlie – F1B Labradoodle (Cookie and Cosmo)

Our girl Charlie is great and quickly became a member of our family. She is a sweet, cuddly girl and she is full of sass! She keeps us laughing and we love her expressive face. We sometimes call her Queen Beyonce because her hair bounces and flows when we walk and she prances everywhere she goes!“.

Buddy – F1B Labradoodle (Cookie and Cosmo)


Buddy is doing great.  He is getting so big.  He loves to play outside and would chase a ball all day if he could.  He and our son are playmates anytime they get a chance.  He likes to snuggle with our daughter while she reads. He has also been one of the easiest dogs we have ever trained. He has already mastered sit, lay down, come. He is a great dog and we are very lucky to have him as part of our family.  Thank y’all for allowing us to be his forever home“.

Colonel Beauregard Mustard – F1B Godendoodle (Sugar and Mojo)


Colonel Beauregard Mustard aka The Colonel… brings joy and exuberance every where he goes. Our little neighborhood is enthralled with The Colonel and is the topic of many of their conversations. My husband has Parkinson’s and PTSD and since our teddy bear of dog became a part of our family, he shadows my husband’s every move and he has brought a spark back into my husband’s eyes. Finding a Boy and His Doodle was one of the most worthwhile experiences in our lives“.

Brady – F1B Godendoodle (Sugar and Mojo)

Brady is such a special addition to our family. He brings us much joy as he is getting older. He is so smart it’s like he understands us. He has gone thru puppy socialization class (A+) and is now starting training classes of which he knew some before starting ! Both Ed and I love him dearly ️️️“.

Brodie – F1B Godendoodle (Sugar and Mojo)

He has grown so much! We cannot thank you all enough for him. He is an absolute bundle of energy that always wants to play or snuggle. He is a great pup.

Mookie – F1B Godendoodle (Sugar and Mojo)

We couldn’t imagine our days without Mookie. She brings a happiness to our lives we didn’t know we were missing.

Sadie – F1B Godendoodle (Sugar and Mojo)

Family Easter picture with Sadie at 6 months old and 32 lbs. The grandkids say that she’s like a real life big teddy bear! She loves playing ball“.

LABRADOODLES- Birth Date-  March 10, 2018

Levi Grant – F1B Labradoodle (Cookie and Cosmo)


“He is a big teddy bear that is unaware of his size and we get complements everywhere he goes!”, “Our youngest loves him so very much, she says he is her very best friend”.

Luna– F1B Labradoodle (Cookie and Cosmo)


” I love Luna and am so thankful to have her!”

Bubba Leo and Mira – F1B Labradoodle (Cookie and Cosmo)

Macy – F1B Labradoodle (Cookie and Cosmo)


“We adore our Macy. She is so sweet, eager to please, smart and funny.”

Brady – F1B Labradoodle (Cookie and Cosmo)


“We are beyond happy with Brady our ‘green collar boy'”, “He is fabulous: good natured and smart”

Maggie – F1B Labradoodle (Cookie and Cosmo)

“She has grown into a spunky and adorable dog who has a great affinity for peanut butter. She’s the sweetest dog who doesn’t have a mean bone her body (even though she does find leaves in the wind a bit frightening). She gets along with everyone and everything, and her only goal is to be friends with everyone.”

Aren’t they all so cute! They fit perfect into their new families! Each family has told me that they feel that they truly have ‘the pick of the litter’! If you have fallen in love and would like to learn more about how to make one of our sweet puppies part of your family please contact us, we would love to chat with you.


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