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Goldendoodle Holiday Puppies

It is with joy that we announce that our sweet guardian mama, Tesla, had her second litter of puppies on November 14! She is a very precise mama, as this is a year to the date exactly of her first litter of pups! Yes, both litters share the same birth date one year apart!

All 8 puppies are doing wonderfully! We have 5 dashing boys and 3 sparkly girls! Everyone has already had their first outing, to the vet, and they were the talk of the office for sure! Of course they are healthy and were loved by all they met. The puppies are now finding their wobbly legs and small little voices a their eyes are opening! Tesla’s family was able to visit during Thanksgiving and Tesla was a very proud mama showing her sweet babies to her people.

There has been much snuggling of puppies and mama as we continue to enjoy the gift of caring for these precious goldendoodle puppies for their families. (We have only 4 family spots left!)

Can these puppies be a Christmas Gift?

If you are looking for a holiday puppy, these doodle puppies can be the perfect gift as our puppy pick out day (where you come to our home to pick out your sweet one), is December 17. On this day you will take home a gift that you can wrap and place under your tree: a photo of your bundle of joy and a puppy gift bag filled with some dog goodies! These goldendoodle puppies will go home on January 7, right after the holidays so that you as a family can enjoy the festivities and excitement (and time to take down the tree and puppy proof) without the worry of caring for your new family member.

We have just 4 family spots left!

(2 boy family spots, and 2 spots for families willing to have no preference of gender.)

Here are all the details about Tesla and Charlies’s puppies:

Breed: F1BB Goldendoodles 
Mama/Dame: Tesla (F1B Goldendoodle // Dark Apricot // 37lbs)
Daddy/Stud: Charlie (Moyen Poodle // Red // 25lbs)
Birthday: November 14, 2022 (This is a year to date from her last birth!)
Expected Weight Range: 25-40lbs (at 1 year their first litter weights ranged from 25lb-40lb)
Puppy Pick Out Day: December 17, 2022
Going home date at 7/8-weeks: January 7, 2023.
Total Puppy Price: $2200 (And your $500 deposit goes towards this total!)

Steps to Adopt

If you are seriously ready to commit to adopting one of Tesla and Charlie’s precious Goldendoodle puppies, please carefully read and follow the instructions below:

1. Puppy Application!
Every family must complete a puppy application. We always do our best to go in order of application date! If you haven’t submitted an application then please do so here.

2. Email us at 
Please talk as a family, check the dates listed for puppy visits/take home to make sure they will work for you, and then let us know if you’re ready to move forward in this amazing process by simply letting us know you filled out an application and that you are ready to move forward in your email along with any other comments/questions you might have!

3. Be Patient
And finally, we ask kindly for your patience as we are a family breeder and sometimes it takes me a few days to respond to everyone. I will begin reaching out to interested families in the order of received emails once I have had a chance to review applications, to let you know where you fall on the list. At this time you will need to send in your $500 deposit to secure your spot in line.

Those are the simple steps! Please let me know if you have any questions at all and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

If you’re still looking for that PERFECT and MEMORABLE Christmas gift, don’t wait to reach out to us about these sweet ones! We look forward to seeing and meeting the families who get to call one of these sweet pups their newest family member…

Until then, we’ll be snuggling and savoring these sweet days with our newest goldendoodle bunch.

With Warm Wishes + Christmas Puppy Cheer!- The Ziemann Family

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