Announcement Featured Goldendoodles New Litter

Lovable Goldendoodle Puppies!

Puppies ready for homes just in time for Valentine’s Day!

4 Available family spots!

Our loving Goldendoodle, Sugar, had eleven sweet ones that were born on December 17! – 4 beautiful girls and 7 handsome fellas!

We are currently scheduling puppy pick out appointments to meet our sweet momma and babies on Saturday, January 18th, so please do reach out sooner rather than later!

Breed: F1B Goldendoodles
Mama/Dame: Sugar (Goldendoodle // Apricot // 45lbs)
Daddy/Stud: Mojo (Moyen Poodle // Red // 28lbs)
Expected Weight Range: 25-45lbs (full grown)
Expectant Coat Colors: Apricot and Red
Expectant due date range: December 10-15, 2019 
Estimated time frame for going into homes at 7/8-weeks:  February 1st/2nd and February 8th/9th

Available Puppies?

We have had many families already reserve a spot for one of these sweet ones, and we are excited to meet them.

But we’re thrilled to say that we have 4 Goldendoodle spots left!

If you’re interested in getting one of these sweet little ones into your arms by early February, then do reach out sooner rather than later, after taking these simple steps…

1. Complete a puppy application 

2. We’ll contact you by phone as soon as we can to get to know you + confirm your commitment as well as get you scheduled to pick out your sweet one! 

3. Mail-in your $300 puppy deposit to seal the deal and save your spot!

4. Come to our home, meet us, our mommas and adorable puppies!

And finally, these sweet ones will all be ready to go into their forever homes in early Febraury- just before Valentines Day!!! 

This is Sugar and Mojo’s 3th litter together and it has been so fun to keep in touch with our past litter families and to watch their sweet little gang grow into such beautiful doodles!  And although we may be just a little bit bias, we sure do think that these two make some beautiful babies, so be sure to check out our “Happy Families” page to see pictures of our previous litters.

As always, please feel more than welcome to reach out to us with any questions you might have! And do expect lots of cuteness overload via our website + socials in the days ahead…

“So why do I have to apply for a puppy?” – you might be wondering…

And, it’s a valid question that we have a few good answers for:

  1. Just like you get to check us out (here on our website), we also like to check you out as well because ultimately, we strive for our puppies to go into only the very best homes. Can you blame us?!?
  2. It helps us to better understand what you’re looking for, both for your family and also in a puppy, allowing us to honestly determine if we/our dogs are indeed a good fit for you and your family. Because we really do want the best for everyone!
  3. And lastly, it saves both us and you a whole lot of time on the phone and while you’re here visiting + snuggling + picking your sweet puppy. Of course, we’ll chat on the phone and meet in person at some point, but we’re a busy family and I’m sure you are, too, which is why we aim to purpose our time with you intentionally.

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