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1 Sweet Angel Girl + 4 Shepherd Boy Labradoodle Puppies Left for Christmas!

We had such a wonderful weekend meeting more sweet families for our goldendoodle and labradoodle puppies to call there own!

As of right now all of our goldendoodle puppies are spoken for and we have just 5 Labradoodle puppies left! The last of our Christmas bunch, 1 Sweet Angel Girl + 4 Shepherd Boys.

These puppies are 6 weeks old today! AND will be ready for  their forever homes THIS weekend,  December 8/9th, at just about 7-weeks old! The perfect Christmas puppies !


If you’d also like to come and meet these sweet ones this weekend or sometime soon, we encourage you to go ahead and complete + submit a puppy application so that we can give you a call and arrange a time for you to do so!

Cookie and Cosmo’s  puppies were born October 22, and are really starting to show their personalities!

These sweet ones are F1B Labradoodles who will  be between 45-60lbs+ full grown, with a wavy hair to curly coat.


AND now to “meet” our remaining Dashing Labradoodle puppies that are looking for sweet families! We have just 4 boys+1 girl left!


Black Collar BOY *I already have a home

(F1B Labradoodle)

This cutie has the most outspoken personality of them all. AND he absolutely loves to be around people! He will have a straight/wavy coat like his momma. He is undoubtedly curious and playful yet is quite the snuggler, too! We can see him as the perfect sidekick!



Blue Collar BOY *I already have a home

(F1B Labradoodle)

This dashing boy is quite the athlete and is always on the go. We can easily see him with a family who loves to hike and explore!



Gray Collar BOY *I already have a home

(F1B Labradoodle)

This handsome fellow is a deep red color with a beautiful curly coat, he is definitely a heart stealer! He loves to wrestle and play with his siblings. We foresee a fun fetching companion for a lucky someone!



Green Collar BOY *I already have a home

(F1B Labradoodle)

This dapper boy is a beautiful apricot color. He is equally playful and snuggly in temperament, making a great pal for anyone who might be looking for one!



Pink Collar GIRL *I already have a home

(F1B Labradoodle)

This adorable joy is about average in size yet has an extraordinary personality! She is playful, keeping up with her brothers just fine, but is really snuggly, too. We could see her with a family or an individual who is ready for a new best friend!



“So why do I have to apply for a puppy?” – you might be wondering…

And, it’s a valid question that we have a few good answers for:

  1. Just like you get to check us out (here on our website), we also like to check you out as well because ultimately, we strive for our puppies to go into only the very best homes. Can you blame us?!?
  2. It helps us to better understand what you’re looking for, both for your family and also in a puppy, allowing us to honestly determine if we/our dogs are indeed a good fit for you and your family. Because we really do want the best for everyone!
  3. And lastly, it saves both us and you a whole lot of time on the phone and while you’re here visiting + snuggling + picking your sweet puppy. Of course, we’ll chat on the phone and meet in person at some point, but we’re a busy family and I’m sure you are, too, which is why we aim to purpose our time with you intentionally.
“So how do I begin the process of adopting one of your puppies?” – another (good) question you might be wondering…

And this is how:

  1. Complete + submit a puppy application AND/OR contact us with any questions you might have!
  2. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, we’ll call ASAP to set up a time for you to come and pick out a sweet puppy.
  3. Come to our home in Wilmington / Carolina Beach to meet and pick out your special puppy!
  4. Puppy pick up day will be December 8/9 when puppies are just about 7 weeks old. This is both a fun and special day for everyone!

With Love From Our Family To Yours,

Ashlee & Joe Ziemann + 3 Superheroes + 2 Doodles!

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