Announcement Featured Goldendoodles New Litter

Gorgeous Goldendoodles Galore! This means …PUPPIES HAVE ARRIVED OF COURSE!

After taking the summer off, we are delighted to make this announcement!

Sugar had 10 beautiful puppies on Monday, August 30. Watching and helping birth puppies truly never gets old. I feel it is such a privilege to share in the miracle of life as each puppy is brought into this world. We have 5 dashing boys, and 5 dainty girls! We as a family are so thrilled and have been soaking up every minute of these puppy noises and snuggles!

We have just 5 puppy family spots left.

And if you’ve always wanted a puppy from Sugar, now’s your last chance because this sweet momma of ours is about to ease into a well-deserved retirement!

Here are all the details about Sugar and Mojo’s puppies:

Breed: F1B Goldendoodles 
Mama/Dame: Sugar (F1 Goldendoodle // Apricot // 45lbs)
Daddy/Stud: Mojo (Moyen Poodle // Red // 28lbs)
Birthday: August 30, 2021
Puppy Genders: 5 handsome boys & 5 beautiful girls
Expected Weight Range: 25-45lbs (full grown)
Puppy Pick Out Day: Saturday, September 25.
Going home date at 7/8-weeks:Saturday, October 23. 
Total Puppy Price: $2200 (And your $500 deposit goes towards this total!)

If you are interested in one of Sugar’s beautiful Puppies?

Then here are your next steps and what we are looking for in families for our sweet puppies…

  • We are looking first and foremost for wonderful families who are ready to commit to this puppy for a lifetime.
  • We are looking for families who are mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally prepared to begin bonding and training their new puppy faithfully for the first 1-2 months after bringing it home! (Because puppies are soooo cute, but they also need alot of care, especially the first few months after they go home.)
  • Finally, we are looking for families that are able to meet and pick out their sweet one on September 25 as well as take their precious puppy home on October 23.

If this sounds like your family…. then

  • Be sure to fill out a puppy application ASAP!  
  • Be looking in your email for me to connect with you and approve your application. At this time (once you receive confirmation that you are one of our puppy families ) you will need to be ready to send in your $500 deposit in order to keep your spot.
  • Be ready for Pick Out Day (where you get to meet and pick out your sweet puppy!) on Saturday, September 25.  At this time another $500 payment would be due.
  • Be ready to take home your sweet puppy on October 23, this is such a fun day for everyone!  At this time the remaining $1200 is due. (The total price of each puppy is $2200.)

If you have any questions at all, please send me a message, and I will do my best to respond as soon as I can!

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and care. We truly appreciate each and every one of you!

~Much love from our family to yours!

Ashlee + Joe + 3 superheroes + 2 doodles mamas + 10 snugly puppies!

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