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And Then, There Were Two Labradoodles…

Cookie’s charming labradoodle puppies have just turned 6 weeks old! Seven of Cookie’s adorable pups have found greaat families to call their own leaving just two Labradoodle girls left who are still looking for theirs.

Both these girls are a little bit different in personality and looks, but both so very sweet. And so, we took some sweet photos – just this morning – that we’d like to share with you…

White Collar Girl

This little sweetheart is apricot in color with and she definitely has that puppy dog look  perfected, she will have a straight/wavy hair type coat like her mama. She is very gentle and  little bit shy. She is the most mellow little lady of the bunch who is very snugly and sweet. We can easily imagine her becoming someone’s dear companion.





Red Collar Girl

This little lady is our average gal, she enjoys playtime and enjoys her downtime as well.  She is apricot in color with a small wisp of white on her forehead and her chin. She will have a straight/wavy hair type coat like her mama.  We think she’d make a friend, giving wonderful kisses and being a faithful tag-a-long.






If any of these little sweet girls caught your heart or eye – please feel free to give us a call as we’d be more than happy to tell you more about them and us!

With love from our family to yours –

The Ziemann Family

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